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At Organic Travel, we focus on listing places where you can visit and buy organic and natural foods, places where you can learn more about organic and sustainable practices, as well as other healthy places to enjoy. Below are the main categories that are in our guides, or you can look at our listings by clicking on one of the following: United States Listings or Worldwide Listings.

Natural Food Markets and Delis

We list both small and large natural food markets. We research and note which markets have delis and/or prepackaged deli food, and we try to list only markets that offer organic produce, as well as other organic and natural groceries. We'll also tell you if a market is vegetarian or if they carry meat, poultry or seafood. Natural food markets are usually good places to find healthy food when you are traveling.

Natural and Organic Restaurants

We are researching, finding and listing restaurants, both casual and elegant, that serve organic and natural food. While there are currently not lots of organic restaurants, we believe there will be a much greater choice in the near future.

Farmers Markets

There are many farmer's markets across the country. We are continually adding more and more of these markets, which are great places to find some of the freshest produce around. Many of the farmer's markets have at least one farmer's booth that offers either certified organic or pesticide-free produce. We also list organic farmer's markets that offer only certified organic produce.

Organic Farms

One of the best ways to get the freshest produce, other than growing your own, is to visit an organic farm that is open to the public. We list organic farms that are open seasonally or year-round which offer organic produce, either through their on-site farm stand or u-pick. We also list organic farms that are open just a few times during the year for special events. Many of the organic farms have guided or self-guided tours. Visiting an organic farm is one of the best ways to support organic and sustainable farming.

Organic Wineries and Breweries

If you are a wine connoisseur or just like a good brew, we list many organic and sustainable wineries and breweries to enjoy.

Green Lodging

We are currently researching to find all kinds of accommodations that choose healthier options such as offering organic food, having an organic garden or pesticide-free premises, using chemical-free cleaners to maintain and clean rooms, and other choices that help make a healthier stay for guests.

Natural Attractions

We have this category to include all kinds of interesting places to visit, like organic and sustainable demonstration centers, nature tours, wildlife viewing, National Parks and more. 

Organic Stores

In this category, you will find organic plant nurseries and garden centers and a wide variety of stores that sell organic products.

Pesticide-Free Parks

There are currently about a dozen or so pesticide-free parks across the United States that we know of and will be listing in our guides. These are city or county parks that are not sprayed with potentially harmful chemicals. Many of these parks are now designated as pesticide-free parks, while some of them listed are going through a trial period to make sure that they can do without the pesticides.

Organic Nurseries and Garden Stores

The stores listed in this category are places where you can find organic garden supplies, seeds, starters and more. They are usually a good source of supplies as well as advice on organic gardening.

Organic and Sustainability Events

In this category you will find organic farm events or tours, classes on organic and sustainable farming or gardening, workshops on organic or sustainable practices, organic festivals and more.

To look at our listings, click on one of the following: United States Listings or Worldwide Listings.

Please note: While we strive to keep our listings updated, we recommend that you always call ahead to make sure the place you are visiting is still in business, at the same location, and has the same hours of operation. Do you have a favorite natural or organic place that we don't have listed yet? Tell us about your favorite place, or let us know any comments or feedback you have by sending us an email. Thank you!

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